Jan 30 2012 03:02 am
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Jan 16 2012 08:28 pm
Tootin' Tuesdays came a liiittle early again~ ;D
(I've got a wonky schedule now thanks to studio jorb, but at least I can keep the new pages coming) ♫

FUN FACT: every character on this page hasn't shown up in over six months. :P

Also I used to be able to get whole chapters done in 2 weeks. -__-;

(Still not sure whether I want to keep the previous three pages or scrap them.)

I might end up keeping the previous three pages after all. At least I'll have _a_ book ready for the con season in 2 months' time. XD;

Though, even if I did post my pages at breakneck speed, I feel like my sense of pacing is dreadful and the plot just meanders everywhere... ==; [meta-critiques on SSnPP as a comic are always open btw]

Feel free to note me or email me. <3
Aug 20 2019 09:37 am
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Jan 16 2012 09:04 pm
It's baaaaaaack! Yay.

Oh, Pepperbrandy. Still like that name.