Sep 16 2014 11:35 am
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Sep 16 2014 11:35 am
Story tiemz~!

I wanted to bust out a different style here to make it clear it's a bit removed from the SSnPP world, only... not...?
Aug 20 2019 09:19 am
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Apr 17 2016 10:30 pm
Getting Better ! You've mentioned that you've returned to earlier episodes and tweaked them a bit.

So I hope you are not offended when I say the story IS getting better and better.

Earlier I just could not figure out who the Good Guys and Bad Guys were, other than Morticus (bad), Pete (good), Sally (good), PepperBrandy (good).

The others were real confusing. Now, a character that seems good but is really bad, or vice versa, is a classic plot element.

But earlier there were too many ambivalent personalities.

One thing, though ... the art has always been great fun ! Not lacking in any way.

And Sally as the MUSCLE is just so cute !

Thanks for taking the time to give us all a great ride.
Apr 18 2016 01:06 am
@SalemCat: Thank you, and no I don't mind you saying so. ;) I'm pretty sure I learned a lot about sequential art & storytelling as I went along, just as I hope to keep learning and keep getting better at this...!