Oct 09 2014 10:50 am
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Oct 09 2014 10:50 am
Back on track! Yeah, this page is over a week late. ^^; I actually started this one during Long Beach Comic Con and just wasn't feeling it, despite constantly picking away at it. :| I also participated in 24-Hour Comic Day this past weekend. Which is to say I stayed up the whole time to be moral support / creative consultant for my friends who were working on their comics.

I actually spent 24-HCD working on SSnPP and, um, got less than two pages sketched/inked. x__x; But also I was able to get past a very persistent writer's block that would have screwed me up even more in the next few pages. SO YEAH, I think I made decent progress (!??)
Aug 20 2019 09:49 am
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Mystic Fire (Guest)
Jan 26 2017 03:07 pm
Lemme get this straight that 6 foot body builder woman was married to HIM?
Jun 28 2018 09:09 pm
@Mystic Fire:
considering how much she dislikes robots, she might have been attracted to the fact he killed the roborat.