May 09 2015 08:19 am
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May 09 2015 08:16 am

Not gonna lie: April ended up being very crazy for me. I was blessed (and I do mean blessed) with a lot of freelance studio work which took up my time. BUT! I want you all to understand that all the money I make in my day job is money I can channel towards SSnPP itself. That means paying for future conventions, a larger run of books, goodies, and yes- being able to mail stuff overseas should anyone want it (I love you fans outside of the States too!) :D

I know that there is the option to, say, open an SSnPP Patreon, but I honestly believe that my mindset is better served if I try and make this comic happen on my own. My only hope is that you enjoy the comic as I continue to update it (and yes- the animation project will have its own Kickstarter, but that's a separate matter) ^^

As always, thanks for reading. <3
Sep 21 2019 06:46 pm
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sigpig (Guest)
May 12 2015 10:02 am
I'd rather have SSnPP update when YOU think it's ready, not when OTHERS deem it necessary. It makes no sense for a half-finished comic to be posted just to meet a deadline for Patreon. Your art is too complex (and I mean that in an EXTREMELY positive way) for you to take shortcuts. In other words - I want to continue to see the quality you have continued to build over the years.
May 12 2015 11:43 pm
@sigpig: Thank you! Your comment really made my day.
I'm pretty committed to completing what I started here. And it's no secret I have follow-up plans soon after (both related to SSnPP and webcomics in general). ;)
May 14 2015 02:39 am
I concur with Sigpig, your work is amazing and I enjoy it too much to see you rush just to make a deadline. Keep up the good work 47.
May 14 2015 11:37 am
@General.Hankins: Thank you for your words of support. :)