Apr 26 2016 02:22 am
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Apr 26 2016 02:22 am
New page!!

Thank you for waiting (taxes were due last week so there was some minor hiccup there) Please enjoy ...a page where not a whole lot actually happens*. :dummy: Other than Sally making a lot of freakout faces~ (I haven't done one of these in a while?) XD;

Also the return of the 'dream sequence' Sally from Chapter 11. I'm still indebted to Rocky-O for coming up with this style, though this time around it's me trying to emulate how she does it. ^^;

*on the topic of "decompressed storytelling", yeah, even though it can be time-consuming; this is simply how the comic plays out in my head. Sometimes it's rewarding, and sometimes it's 'ehhhhh'. Likewise, comics with compressed storytelling, that plow through a lot of plot per page, have their own advantages and disadvantages. I'd like to think it all comes down to a matter of personal taste. I just hope I can work fast enough to make my deadline, really. >x>

More to come soon! (just about 70 days left before AX and then SDCC; gotta step on the pedal!!)
Aug 20 2019 08:51 am
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