Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete

A novel-length tale, set in the Steampunk-ified Wild West, that follows the adventures of a daddy-daughter duo (except the daddy's an android inventor and the daughter's a cyborg of his handiwork...)

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SSnPP COMPLETE!!! by 47ness
Jun 27 2017 12:38 am
The Ballad of Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete, my graphic novel project of the past 8 years, is DONE. Clocked in at a total of 272 pages.

I might someday return to this particular steampunk world, but it'll be in the form of shorter one-off adventures. I learned a lot of invaluable lessons about webcomics over the years I worked on this and you can bet next time around it'll be even greater!

Also, Anime Expo is this weekend!! I debuted my first SSnPP book at Artist Alley in 2009 and it's fitting I'll be debuting final issue of the series there as well. Table J-28, come on down and say hi! :D
SSnPP store open for business! by 47ness
Nov 26 2016 12:23 am

I'm officially on Etsy; all the items there are the same ones I sell at my various convention stops.

Be sure to check in on Cyber Monday for 25% off across the board (also to mark my inaugural week with the store)! ;)
COMIC-CON 2016! by 47ness
Jul 19 2016 05:48 pm
Just a quick update to let you know I'll be heading to San Diego for Comic-Con for the next 5 days. I should have plenty of down-time at my hotel and maybe(??) even at my booth (Small Press K-06) to keep working, so don't fret! New pages will be coming sometime next week. :^>