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Welcome to Sally Sprocket & Piston Pete

A novel-length tale, set in the Steampunk-ified Wild West, that follows the adventures of a daddy-daughter duo (except the daddy's an android inventor and the daughter's a cyborg of his handiwork...)


Nov 26 2016 12:23 am

SSnPP store open for business!

I'm officially on Etsy; all the items there are the same ones I sell at my various convention stops.

Be sure to check in on Cyber Monday for 25% off across the board (also to mark my inaugural week with the store)! ;)

Jul 19 2016 05:48 pm


Just a quick update to let you know I'll be heading to San Diego for Comic-Con for the next 5 days. I should have plenty of down-time at my hotel and maybe(??) even at my booth (Small Press K-06) to keep working, so don't fret! New pages will be coming sometime next week. :^>

Aug 16 2013 06:51 am

Keep a secret...?

Psst, hey friends and wonderful followers of SSnPP! This deviation is mostly just an excuse to let you know that as I'm putting Volume One together this year, I'm going to be revisiting my some of my oldest pages (c. 2009) and make some much-needed fixes to the plot.

It's probably no secret that I'm not all that happy with some of the overarching story elements and how things tend to become confusing for all of you. The first three chapters or so of this comic was literally just me being all YEAH DRAW DRAW DRAW before I realized I wanted SSnPP to be a big deal for real. :XD:;

So! Here's what to expect: a LOT of additional exposition about just who Piston Pete is and what exactly his relation is with the humans of Kratera and elsewhere, a REAL bear of a fight between Morticus and Pete in Chapter 2, more explanation of Pepperbrandy's condition, more fun interaction between Sally and Jack, and lots of updated art in general (and crazy antics!) ;P
Doc has the least amount of changes necessary; she's the only one who's entire character arc I've got figured out. 8^}

Anyway, thanks for your understanding and ongoing support, especially to those of you who have purchased issues of my comic over the past few years. ;u; SSnPP has been quite a learning curve for me. It seemed like although I started in 2009, I didn't really get cooking with some of the BIG plot ideas until 2 years later, and it was so frustrating to know just how many opportunities I had missed along the way! It's my sincerest hope that when I put out the big *finalized* version of this (which I'm going to make THOUSANDS of copies of and try to publish for real) that it's at its absolute best. I'll be sure to throw in a ton of extra goodies too! <3

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